My name is Emma, I am an Artist and Creator, Healer, Vedic astrologer, Therapist and Spiritual conduit. 

I am currently based in Sweden, but do most of my work online - distance is no issue.

My inner fire lights up when I get to work with and dive into the multidimensional aspects of life on this earth, and in this universe, what makes you as a soul awaken, the deeper truths and meaning of life and the cosmic bigger picture. Mirroring what needs to be seen, shedding light on the keys to growth and healing for an individual - through readings, healing sessions or therapy. 

The flow of creation is also something I love and consider part of why I am here. The art of weaving frequency and matter; the anchoring of energy to physical dimension feels like a sacred practice I have done many incarnations. Birthing sacred smudgefans and other tools for healing and cleansing, channeling paintings and artworks and creating whatever I am guided to is a co-creation between me and Source, or at least that is how I choose to see it. 

I have also worked as a yoga teacher, studied psychology and health sciences, and also used to work as a personal trainer, all of which has contributed to my understanding of the layered complexity of being human.

Of course, life is a continuing journey of self discovery, I do not think you are ever fully done. there are always deeper potential of self awareness avaliable - How deep you want to go is totally up to you. 

I am certainly very happy that you found your way here, and hope that you find something interesting that sparks a light in your soul! 

Look forward to connecting with you, 

Much Love - Emma