Healing Sessions

"Boost Me! " - Single Session

One session focused on balancing and restoring your optimal vibrational state.

"Holy Trinity " - Three Sessions

Perfect for you who want to work indepth, for release, rebalancing and activation of your energetic field.

What to expect during a session

The healing I am trained in and work with is a Spiritual channeled healing, where I connect to and open up to my higher guides/self and your guides, Source and the cosmic flow. I also work with certain shamanic techniques, and DNA activating light codes,  and mold the sessions and healing work based on what I feel you need most.

I journey and look into your energetic field, your auric layers and go through them one by one, lifting possible  blocks/energetic hooks or attachments, clearing your space and opening up for your whole being to vibrate in a more balanced integrated frequency, creating a foundation for optimal healing. I also clear and balance your chakras, so that they are aligned and working at their best capacity. I usually end the session with a "light bath", meaning I open the channels to flood you with cosmic vibrant frequency of light, before shielding your aura so you leave the session with a protective layer around you. 
If there are messages coming to you, from either your guides, your physical body or past incarnations, I write them down to share with you afterwards. 

The healing sessions are around 30-60 minutes long, depending on what is needed for you. Usually we begin by connecting in some way, calling and talking for a short while. We also connect after the healing is completed, so that I can share if there were messages and also go through what I experienced with you, and so we close the session together. 

If you have any questions or want to know more, unsure about how many sessions might be right for you, please connect with me here.