These readings are sessions of guidance, in which you recieve messages around your situation, hopefully bringing clarity and answers if you need them. 

We all go through periods of confusion, crisis and change. During these times, getting some outside perspective on what is going on can be both reassuring and helpful. Sometimes we need to go through our transformation phases without outside influence, and other times guidance can bring key insights. 

Besides using the cards deeper meanings and symbolisms during a reading, I also is tune into your vibration, walk with your frequency and aura and feel into what is going on with you. The cards are great to anchor the guidance to, and a lot of fun. But the guidance and messages that I share with you come not from the cards, but from your higher self/guides, your own subtle bodies and aura, and my source guidance. 

Important info - Your guides and higher self are the ones ultimately responsible for you and your wellbeing, they only share what you are meant to know at this time. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind walking through the unknown. You are always welcome to ask the divine for guidance of course, and if you have an area you want me to focus on, please make sure to include this in your order.