A smudgefan is a healing tool,

 - but also a healing companion. 

When you order a personally created smudgefan, I tune in to your vibration, your energy and create a fan that will match your frequency. It will be infused with the frequency that corresponds and completes yours, and it holds a special own presence, like an individual. Each one is unique, with its own imprint and look, and you can be sure that you will have a healing partner for a long time to come.
You will recieve a handwritten channeled message together with your fan, along with specification of what feathers I have used and which crystals adorn it.

When I create your fan, I go into a meditative state and allow the energies to guide me in birthing the most aligned sacred object for you. The materials I use are ethically sourced and carefully selected. The feathers come from a beautiful farm in Sweden, where the birds roam almost free, live in big pens and are treated very well. The feathers are only collected from the ground when the birds have naturally shed them. 

The handles I use are most often made of sticks, that i collect in the woods near where I live. I always choose already fallen branches. So - no beings have been harmed in any way in the process of creating these healing tools. 

How it began

I started creating these fans a few years ago, after being shown how to in a vision. It was very specific, how they were meant to be put together. 

I honor the traditional views of many ancient tribes and civilizations, who knew that life flows through all things. All sentient beings are honored. The mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom form a trinity of life, within which we as humans are part. 
The smudgefan, a traditional object for cleansing and clearing spaces, auras, energies and for carrying prayer and intention to the divine creator, is made with this perspective in mind. 
Each one is created with all of these present -  the wood handle (plant kingdom), the crystals (mineral kingdom) and the feathers (animal kingdom). The fourth element tying it all together is the kingdom of spirit, of ether, of source - the energy of the smudgefan keeper being the guiding vibrationof how it will be put together.


I am just the messenger / birthing channel / creator of your sacred Smudgefan. It is a role I am both grateful and joyously happy to have.

How to order your Smudgefan 

Since the total price of a channeled smudgefan often comes to me during the creation of it, I have set up size options you can order with different price ranges, and you pay a deposit when placing your order. There is also an option if you do not want a budget limit, in that case I will create freely and let you know the price when your fan is completed.
You can also visit the webshop to see if there are any avaliable smudgefans ready for purchase, looking for a new home! 
Each one comes with a personal channeled message, aswell as a handwritten note detailing which birds your feathers come from and which crystals I have chosen. 

If you want to purchase a fan for your friend or loved one, that is totally fine. I only need a name to tune into their vibration, and create a smudgefan aligned with their energy.