Aura / Frequency Painting

A channeled painting depicting your energy, based on your current vibration. The painting is usually abstract, but can contain codes and symbolic images that I see around you. Included with the painting you will recieve a "reading" where I describe what I felt and saw, what the symbols mean (in my interpretation) and any messages that may have come through during the creation of your painting. 

I work mainly in oilcolor and high flow acrylics, and you can choose between having your painting done on paper or canvas. 

Energetic Art

Commission a personal painting

A piece of art channeled and painted to hold certain frequencies, and integrate with you and your home in the best way possible. It can become a protective talisman, a balancing healing energetic piece or a meditation portal. I tune in to  your vibration and channel the artwork, infusing it with energy and lightcodes, It is a transmission of frequency. It will of course also be a striking piece to decorate your home with! 

It can be any size you want - large or small, just note that shipping will increase the larger the canvas is.  I work mainly in oilcolor and high flow acrylics. 

If you want to inquire or ask about commissioning a Channeled artwork, connect with me below!